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An exciting opportunity for Sales & Marketing Associates to showcase their skills, unleash their potential, and secure a position with us in a truly unique way.

Welcome to our Gamified Recruitment Process

How It Works:

  • Application & Enrollment:

    • Prospective candidates kickstart their journey by applying for our position. This is not just an application but the first step towards becoming an integral part of our dynamic team.

    • Apply for the opening & follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for your application to be considered and to receive updates, results announcements, etc. of the challenge.

  • Your Challenge:

    • Candidates are given a maximum of 2 months to bring in 3 clients each. This is not just a challenge; it's an opportunity to demonstrate your sales prowess in real-time.

    • The Sales Challenge runs for two months from the date of your application- SO APPLY AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE, ON FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. The results of the challenge to be announced via LinkedIn and Facebook- so don't forget to follow us there. 

  • Fastest Top 3 Applicants Win:

    • In this game, productivity matters. The fastest three applicants to successfully secure three clients each will be our ultimate winners. This is not just a race; it's a sprint towards a rewarding career.

    • The top three applicants with the fastest successful three client acquisitions within the two-month timeframe will secure the position.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Real-World Application:

    • Showcase your skills in a real-world setting, proving your capabilities in acquiring clients, a skill crucial to success in our Sales & Marketing team.

  • Paid Opportunities:

    • Unlike traditional interviews, where your efforts may go unrewarded, our process ensures that every successful sale during the challenge is recognized and compensated with €1000, i.e., 3 sales gets you €3000.

  • Productivity Matters:

    • Fast-track your career by being among the fastest top 3 applicants. This isn't just about securing a job; it's about seizing the opportunity ahead of the competition.

  • No Traditional Interviews:

    • Skip the formalities. Your performance in the Sales Challenge is "THE INTERVIEW", offering a more dynamic and results-driven approach to recruitment.

  • Your Interview, Your Way:

    • Forget traditional interviews as your sales Challenge is your interview. The results speak louder than words, and the top performers get to join our team.

    • Successful candidates will be notified as soon as we get our top three applicants.

  • Paid Interview:

    • We value your time and effort. Every successful sale you bring in during the challenge is not just a step closer to winning the job—it's a paid contribution to your success. Each client secured during the challenge earns you €1000.

    • Successfully securing three clients means you earn €3000 plus the job offer.

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