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Sales & Marketing Associate


Job Type

Full Time- Independent Contractor


Remote Worldwide

About Us

We are VAS Advertising, a fast-growing operation based in Europe operating globally. We help brands worldwide to deliver digital marketing solutions that performs at scale in an instant. We offer and deliver quality digital marketing services in one comprehensive package using advanced skillset and with a combination of right AI technology and human input.

We believe in the power of real-world experiences and the skills gained through them. We prioritize life experiences over academic credentials, recognizing that true talent transcends degrees. We are on the lookout for a dynamic Sales & Marketing Associate who shares our passion for authentic connections and values a results-driven approach.

Our culture is characterized by a positive outlook on life, creating opportunities, and excellence. This can be achieved with our collaboration together. All this is backed by deep sense of integrity.

About the Role

What You'll Be Engaged In?

1. Prospecting and Lead Generation:
Initiate new business growth by meticulously prospecting and generating leads through research, networking, and innovative sales techniques.
2. Outreach Mastery:
Reach out, generate and convert leads using a blend of modern methods—whether through impactful emails, compelling video pitches, or the timeless art of cold calls.
3. Discovery Call Maestro:
Conduct insightful discovery calls with potential clients, delving deep to understand their unique needs and requirements.
4. Relationship Architect:
Establish and nurture enduring relationships with clients, demonstrating an acute understanding of their needs and offering expert guidance- be the point of contact between us.
5. Negotiation and Deal Closure:
Showcase your finesse in negotiation, ensuring mutually beneficial deals. Close client agreements by defining clear pricing and terms, driving robust revenue growth.
6. Collaborative Dynamo:
Collaborate seamlessly with internal teams to ensure the alignment of services with customer needs.
7. Performance Reporting and Analysis:
Rigorously report and track progress against sales plans. Identify areas of success and pinpoint opportunities for improvement. Provide regular updates to your Head of Sales, contributing to a dynamic feedback loop.

What we offer!

We offer the opportunity for you to be an entrepreneur and work on your terms and from the location of your choice. We welcome your fresh ideas and we believe in productivity instead of prescribed working hours. We strive and aim to continuously coach and guide you in your role through our knowledge and internal processes as well as coaching.

We are a remote-first setup so you can work from anywhere in the world you'd like. Also, you are any day, invited to our office in Vimioso, Portugal, located in the nature's heart, if you ever plan to come here.

Be part of our team and grow together. Our cultural pillars are: 

1. We value your unique experiences.
2. We embrace innovation and skills showcased in our gamified process.
3. We believe in transparent and genuine conversations.
4. We celebrate diversity and inclusion.
5. We provide a platform for continuous growth and professional development.

By articulating these values, we are setting clear expectations for our culture and communicating what is important to our company. These cultural pillars serve as a foundation for decision-making, behavior, and interactions within our operations.

Ready to redefine the future of sales and marketing with us? Start your journey by submitting your application and let the adventure begin!


Who are you?​

  1. We cherish life experiences, recognizing them as valuable assets. Degrees take a back seat – we are more interested in your journey and skills.

  2. Prove your sales skills through our engaging gamified recruitment process. Bonus points for a background in digital marketing – a surefire way to stand out.

  3. Fluent in the language of business – impeccable conversational and written English skills.

  4. Stake your claim on sales goals and customer relationships. Embrace change – continuously learn, adapt to market dynamics, be updated on industry trends, are open to feedback and seize opportunities for self-improvement.

  5. Master the art of relationship-building, the cornerstone of successful selling. Forge deep connections with prospects by delving into their needs, tailoring services as per our company's ethos. You do this by asking questions and listening to the prospective client's needs.

  6. Buck the trend – we don't believe in pitching, but in understanding. Tune into the verbal and nonverbal cues of prospective clients, creating genuine connections.

  7. Navigate the intricacies of task management with artfulness. Timelines are sacred, and your CRM activity reports are a testament to your accuracy.

  8. Skillfully organize and plan your time, effortlessly juggling various sales activities.

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